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Student Clubs

Rogers has clubs that our students can participate in during school and before-and-or-after school.

ASB Clubs

G.S. Alliance 
GS Alliance is a safe space for students to increase awareness, decrease prejudices, and create a safe school atmosphere for gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, plus youth and allies.  
This club is a fun and vibrant community that provides a platform for students to develop and enhance their leadership skills while making a positive impact on our school and local community. Leadership offers various opportunities to plan school events and engage with our Rogers student community.
W.E.B. (Where everybody belongs)
The WEB team is a group of 7th and 8th grade students that are trained to be WEB Leaders. These WEB Leaders act as positive role models, and mentors who guide 6th graders to discover what it takes to be successful in middle school. Each WEB leader becomes responsible for a small group of 6th graders during Orientation Day, and they continue to follow up with them throughout the year with activities.


RAP Clubs


Black Scholars RISE
Afterschool program for our Black and African-American students where they can receive mentorship and leadership skills!
Harmony Project
Harmony Project uses the transformative power of music to open up life-changing experiences to students in underserved communities, and seeks to maximize their opportunities for success. At Rogers, students are taught Beginning Band. 
Crochet Club
Students in Crochet Club will learn how to interpret a crochet pattern, follow instructions, and develop fine motor skills all while they socialize with their peers and create wonderful pieces.  
CTE-Career Technical Education
Our CTE program introduces students to courses in various careers through hands-on learning and connects them to real-world skills. 
ART Club
Art Club is an opportunity for students to develop their art skills, create original art works, and collaborate and build friendships through art. 
Students who join Dance are introduced to the love and magic of dance. They will learn proper technique and rhythms to different styles of dance. 
Skateboarding Club
Our Skateboarding Club introduces beginners to skateboarding techniques and also supports the more experienced students in learning new skills.

We also offer The Glam Squad, Music Production, Podcasting before school!



Our sports are offered through RAP. Students that are interested must attend a meeting to find out detailed information, attend the tryouts, and they must fill out a RAP application to register. 

  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer
  • Basketball

Have a club idea? Contact our school and provide your suggestions!

Rogers Clubs