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Dual Language Immersion

Dual Language Immersion Team 

6th grade DI Language Arts and 6th grade DI History, Rosangel Garcia

7th and 8th grade DI Language Arts, Debbie Tlustos 

7th and 8th grade DI Science, Edgar Raigoza 

6th grade DI Science, Eugenia Miranda

7th grade DI Math, Juanita Enriquez

English Language Instructional Resource Teacher (ELIRT), Rosie Soto

Language Arts Specialist (LAS)


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Elementary Dual Immersion Program

Middle School Biliteracy Attainment Award

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Our Vision 

Lawndale supports students and parents that value Bilingualism, biliteracy, cultural competency and empathy.  Our vision for the Dual Immersion program is for our students to attain biliteracy and bilingualism with exceptional levels of academic excellence and social confidence to be competitive in the global community.

Program Goals

LESD’s  Dual Immersion Program promotes the following goals for its students:

  • Bilingualism and Biliteracy - The development and maintenance of Spanish and English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Multicultural Understanding - Students develop positive attitudes and appreciation toward world languages and cultures in our global society, promoting their involvement in world issues.
  • The integration of students with a wide range of abilities
  • A positive environment in which the minority language (Spanish) is respected and celebrated
  • Provide an opportunity for students to acquire a second language while maintaining their native language and culture.
  • Maintain academic performance at or above grade level in English and Spanish as measured by classroom grades, common assessments, benchmarks and state assessments.

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About Our Program

The program includes 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who began the dual immersion program at Mark Twain Elementary School or Billy Mitchell Elementary School. Our Dual Immersion program offers students the opportunity to continue improving their bilingual skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English and Spanish. Students in the DI Program will graduate with the bilingual skills necessary to prepare them for rigorous Spanish elective and AP Spanish Language courses in high school.

For more information, please contact Ms. Soto (310) 676-1197 ext. 56226