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(310) 676-1197


If you have any questions about Student Support Services at Rogers Middle School, please contact:


Evelyn Garcia, School Social Worker

Evelyn Garcia

School Site Social Worker

(310) 676-1197

X 56058




Welcome to Student Support Services

Our Mission


The social work office at Rogers offers a variety of student support services meant to address social, emotional and behavioral challenges students may experience.

Our services include:

Individualized Therapy

  • Friendships
  • Emotion Management
  • Grief and Loss
  • Behavioral Challenges
  • Adjustment to Changes
  • Confidence
  • …and much more!

Monthly Parent Workshops 

  • Effective Communication
  • Adolescent Development
  • Positive Parenting Strategies
  • Emotional Well Being
  • Bullying Prevention

Second Step

Second Step is an evidence based program that educates students about social, emotional and behavioral well-being in a classroom setting. Classroom lessons are facilitated by the school site social worker and Interns, throughout the school year.

Group support services

  • Boys Leadership Group This group uses a strength based approach to promote confidence, self-regulation and decision making.
  • Girls Self Esteem Group This group aims to encourage students to foster peer connections, identify and cope with feelings, and to build self-confidence.
  • Relaxation Group This group aims to teach healthy coping strategies, and to provide students a safe space for students who exhibit worry and sadness through artistic expression, and other fun activities.   
  • Friendship Group This group aims to teach and practice social skills with students, and to build self-confidence. 
  • Children in Change Group This group provides emotional support, and cultivates peer support for students who have recently moved from spanish speaking countries to United States. 

Attendance Case Management

  • Attendance monitoring for students
  • Individualized attendance plans created in collaboration with students and their families