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Conflict Mediators

Top Row

Edy Busarelo

Natalie Morales

Erika Sarmiento

Michelle Martinez

Mia Lewis

Trina Trinh

Rachel Montenegro

Tauelangi Tuifua

Julius Lopez


Bottom Row

John Pham

Giselle Rios

Vanessa Barbarena

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Conflict Mediators

Conflict Mediators 
Conflict Mediators 2017-2018

Conflict mediators are student leaders trained by the counselors to help students resolve disputes with peers. By providing a safe environment for students to share their thoughts and feelings, we help students resolve friendship problems, address gossip and rumors, and other peer issues. We encourage students and parents to inform us of any conflicts because we firmly believe that all students should feel safe and comfortable at school.


Please join us to celebrate the

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Double Shotgun at

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Proceeds from this charitable event are used to help fund school and youth drug-prevention and education programs in the South Bay.